About the Boa BrotherHood

The Boa Ski Brotherhood is a group of over 60 women and men from across many states and provinces who share a common interest in this peculiar brand of snowmobiles. The group was started to help others find parts. This mission continues today. The Brotherhood offers an opportunity for enthusiasts of this specific brand to share their history, knowledge and parts while having a little fun preserving history through demonstrating the functionality of these classic snow sleds. Each year the Brotherhood gets together in the winter to ride their sleds at any given show/ride in either Canada or the USA at what is known as the “reunion”. These reunions are a great way to meet members of the Brotherhood and partake in a little of the Boa Ski spirit also known as Boa Foolery. Membership to the Brotherhood is about living life to the fullest on a Boa Ski not just about owning one.