Boa Ski Production Info and History

  • It was in 1967 that Mr Jos Morin and Mr Evariste Boulanger decided to manufacture Boa Ski snowmobiles. Thanks to a unique assembly line that Mr Jos Morin and his friends had made, the company produced 1350 snowmobiles for the 1968 model year.
  • By 1971 production was up to 40,000 units and 350 workers worked at the factory. Boa Ski had 14 distributors and 1200 dealers in 71.
  • The company was sold to Giffen Recreation Company sometime in 1969, then was sold to Alsport sometime in 1972, and then was sold to J and B Manufacturing sometime in late 1976.  They filed Bankruptcy in 1977.
  • Some early Boas shipped without engines and were sold on the East Coast with Sachs engines or no engines installed in them by the dealers.
  • The “bagpipe” muffler was an “accessory” sold by Hirth.  It was for manufacturer’s use when they installed a Hirth engine into a small hooded machine and didn’t have room for internal muffler or tuned pipe.  Note that the Hirth accessory upswept muffler came in sections.  You bought one section for each cylinder.  Thus the Hirth “Honker” required a three-section muffler. 
  • The Paul Bernier Boa Ski 1970 racer is a replica of the two original one (1970). This replica was the work of Guy Doyon of Québec. Guy was able to do this replica with the help of Lincoln Custeau of Thedford Mine, Quebec who was engineer for Boa Ski. Custeau has the blue print for this tune pipe and is with this information they were able to do the replica. During winter 1970 Boa Ski was selling a racing kit and this pipe was part of the kit. That the information I have by Lincoln Custeau and I saw the blue print when Guy did the replica.
  • Since the expansion of the snowmobile market, companies had always invested money and energy in the racing area. Boa Ski did the same during fall 1969; with the help of the center of research, it prepared race snowmobiles under the direction of Lincoln Custeau. Over the course of the winter of 1970, he turned up on race trails with a Boa Ski snowmobile for each class.