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      Test Brother

      Hello fellow Boa Brothers and Sisters.  This email is a test coming from the new member forum on the soon to be launched website for Boa Ski snowmobiles and the Brotherhood. This is Bb7.  I own a website development company and have secured the domain  I plan on launching the website in the next two weeks. There will be password protected areas only accessible to Brothers and Sisters.  Prior to the launch, you will be provided with a password to get into the private areas. Bb16 and Bb2 have provided me with a large amount of content and photos.  A substantial amount, but not all the content will be loaded for the launch.  The website will be a work on progress.  My parents were Boa Ski dealers from 1972 – 1974.  I am excited for you all to see the website. Please respond to this post so I can see that it is working.

      Steve Mueller Bb7

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      Test Brother



      Absolutely loved the scrolling pics, brings back some memories.  I sent you reams of photos…

      I assume you will provide us with the original log in password once the site goes live?

      Checked functionality of the links.  Not all the pdf s will open in the reference section something you might want to look into.  Liked the want ads.  Will we have control over the members sled section and posting of pics or do we send you the pics?

      I very much like what I see so far.  Awesome job, the Brothers are going to like it very much!!!!

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